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Apple Fudge Crumble Tartlets

The Bramley Apple is glorious in all it’s many guises. But what if you have left over apple sauce? This is a great recipe for a few bits of left overs or a lovely bite with a cuppa treat on their own. Made in the Deluxe Mini Muffin Pan these are the proportions for 48 little crumble topped tartlets. but if you can always make what you have the ingredients for!

1 pack (500g) of ready made short crust pastry.
about 400g of apple sauce – from a jar is fine!
12 dairy fudge sweets, each cut into 4 pieces
one packet of crumble topping, or homemade to your taste

Preheat to 180c / 160  fan / gas 4
Cut the pastry into 48 cubes and then use the mini tart shaper to dob into pastry cups in the tin. If you dip the tart shaper in flour between dobbings it makes it a little easier.
Place 1/2 a tsp of apple sauce into each pastry cup and then place the fudge cube into the apple sauce.
Top with the crumble mix and then pop into the oven for 15 minutes or so. The tartlets should lift out easily and be golden on the outside.
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