About PamperedbyKirsty

I’m Kirsty, I’ve been a consultant with The Pampered Chef for over 4 years. I’m married to Mr Kirsty, and mum to the PamperedTeen (15) and LittleMissPbK (6)*.

This blog is a chance to share the recipes that I love cooking at home, sometimes showing off the products that I love. I adore creating food that my family enjoys and hope by putting these recipes here you’ll love them too. For all of the savoury recipes and dinners, feel free to play with quantities, these are all just guidelines. Though, to paraphrase Mary Berry, cooking is an art, but baking is a science. So play with those proportions at your peril! Mostly have fun with them, and drop me a comment if you enjoy them!

I’m not very good at timing recipes. I find that no matter what I do – the published times for recipes bears NO resemblance to the time it takes me. I try to keep all my recipes to a minimum of fuss and faff. All of the recipes on here are ones I cook at home, and are from a library of clippings, magazines and tweaked recipes mis-remembered over the years, and some new ones that I’m trying. I always attempt to credit where I can as best I can, but these recipes are presented as I cooked them the day the photo was taken.

If you’re looking to choose a recipe to have at your show, try the show recipe category, some of these are bona fide Pampered Chef recipes, others are family favourites or other consultant’s recipes that happen to work with my favourite bits of kit to show!

I try and tag as many recipes as gluten free or dairy free where suitable. Sometimes these contain ingredients that aren’t gluten/dairy free but suitable substitutes are readily available, such as  GF soy sauce or trex / vitalite instead of butter.  Obviously, how careful you need to be depends on how sensitive you are. If you make any of these recipes with GF flour for example and they’re successful please let me know in the comments!

And if you’d like to find out more about the products that I love as much as the food I create using them please ask, or have a look at http://www.pamperedchef.biz/kirsty

*names have been changed to protect the sometimes innocent.


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